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Whitetail Deer Hunting at The Bison Ranch


The Bison Ranch features thousands of acres of rolling virgin prairie which meets farmland where row crops and small grains flourish. This diversity of habitat is where whitetail deer thrive.


Due to certain restrictions on non-resident hunting in North Dakota, it is very difficult to get a rifle tag for whitetail deer. These tags are drawn by lottery.  Applications become available during May on the North Dakota Game & Fish website, the deadline is in early June, and the lotteries are held in July and August.  Denied applicants receive preference points for subsequent lotteries.

Whitetail deer hunting in North Dakota

However, archery deer tags are readily available over the counter. Although trees are few and far between in this country, we have several deer stands on private shelterbelts and draws where some nice deer have been harvested.  Contact us for more information on archery hunting, including rates.


Here's is what you need to know about whitetail deer hunting at The Bison Ranch:


  • Rifle season begins on the first Friday of November at noon and ends at dusk 16 days later (always a Sunday).  


  • Our preferred method for rifle hunting is posting & patience on hilltops; where you will have a unique perspective over thousands of private acres including both rough native prairie, wetlands, and cropland (primarily corn, beans, and wheat).  All you need to bring is your rifle, a good pair of binoculars, warm clothing (some must be orange), and your determination to face all the different types of weather that comes our way.


  • Bow season runs from late-August/early-September through the end of the year.  Check with the State Game & Fish Department for the specific dates for each year.


  • We offer multiple private tree stand locations for bow hunting and will be scouting starting mid-summer. 

Whitetail deer hunting in North Dakota

Whitetail Deer Hunting Packages


With proper licensing, you may add antlered whitetail deer hunting to your 2-day bison hunting package.  Contact us for more information and rates.

You are responsible for obtaining your own tag through the North Dakota Game & Fish Department.  When submitting your application, please indicate Unit 2J2 as your first choice.  (See State Map here).


For more information and rates on whitetail deer hunting packages without booking a bison hunt, or for information on antlerless whitetail deer hunting, email us at


Please also visit the North Dakota Game & Fish website for more information.


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