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About The Bison Ranch


We are a third-generation ranch which has continuously operated on this slice of heaven since for over 90 years.  With more than 30 years experience in the bison business, over 20 years as hunting outfitters, and over 10 years as butchers, the Krapp Family prides itself on providing the best quality bison meat directly to the consumer, with a good time and good memories to boot.

Meet the Krapps:  Our History
Sure, we catch a lot of crap over our name.  In Germany, it's pronounced "Krupp", but over here it's usually pronounced "crop".  Now that we've got that out of the way:  Our ranch was founded by brothers Arnold and Victor Krapp in 1924 and has been continuously owned and operated by members of the Arnold Krapp family ever since.  
Arnold's son Oren and his wife, Connie, got into the bison business in the 1980s and in 1997 started The Bison Ranch Outfitters -- offering bison hunting along with waterfowl, whitetail deer, upland game, and predator hunting packages. Since that time, we've prided ourselves on providing thousands clients with only the best quality bison meat.  
In 2009 The Bison Ranch opened its very own custom meat processing facility, which is licensed by the State of North Dakota.  
In 2015, Oren and Connie's son, Kelsey, along with his wife, Emily, purchased the ranch and took the reigns on the family business.  We enlist help from family, friends, and neighbors to ensure everyone leaves with great bison meat and memories.

Kelsey Krapp and Oren Krapp - The Bison Ranch, Pingree, North Dakota hunting outfitter

Oren & Kelsey survey the herd


Kelsey with his son, Leo

Krapp Family-15.jpg

Kelsey & Emily Krapp Family 

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