Directions to The Bison Ranch

From Jamestown, North Dakota

Drive north of Jamestown on US 52/281, which is a 4-lane highway.  After about 13 miles through  you will pass by the small town of Buchanan, ND, where US 52/281 will reduce to 2-lane traffic. Continue northbound on the 2-lane approximately 3.5 miles and turn left (west) onto 21st Street, which is a gravel road. Continue west on 21st Street for 6.25 miles and turn left (south) onto 71st Ave for 1 mile and follow the curve which will lead you to The Bison Ranch.  

Physical Location 

Please call before you visit!

The Bison Ranch, LLP

Physical Address:
2193 71st Avenue SE
Pingree, ND 58476
Mailing Address:
PO Box 464
Jamestown, ND  58401
Buffalo Hunts

The Bison Ranch in Pingree, North Dakota specializes in top-quality bison meat hunts. These animals are grass fed on thousands of acres of lush, virgin prairie which produces some of the finest quality bison meat that has our clients coming back year after year.

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