Coyote Hunting at The Bison Ranch


The area around The Bison Ranch is crawling with coyotes.  


Here's what to expect when you pair a coyote hunt with your bison hunting package at The Bison Ranch:


  • Partially-guided hunting on tens of thousands of acres of land.

    • We provide scouting, access, and recommendations.  The actual hunting is left to you and your group!

  • A battle with the elements.  North Dakota is often a frigid place when the coyote hunting is at its best.  Bring your layers!

  • Opportunity to package your hunt with other species.

  • Best time to book:  Late November-December.


For more information on the State furbearing regulations and licensing requirements, visit the ND Game & Fish website at:


Email for rates and more information about adding an upland game hunt to your bison hunting package.



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Buffalo Hunts

The Bison Ranch in Pingree, North Dakota specializes in top-quality bison meat hunts. These animals are grass fed on thousands of acres of lush, virgin prairie which produces some of the finest quality bison meat that has our clients coming back year after year.

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