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A Legendary Experience
You will love the hospitality, the camaraderie, the sheer excitement of going back in time to hunt a legendary animal in a magnificent setting. At The Bison Ranch, you will find animals running in a vast, beautiful landscape of rough virgin prairie that looks much like it did 100 years ago. The challenge will be yours, as bison are not an easy animal to bring down. This is a unique adventure for you and a friend or family member!

How do you hunt a bison?
When you hunt a bison, you hunt the herd, for their instincts are not like a deer or an elk. They are a grouping animal, and when one runs, the entire herd runs. You won't, however, be walking up to a herd of bison--thankfully for your sake, that won't happen! Stalking the herd is a real challenge.

Bowhunters must get within 30 yards to 40 yards, and gun shooters must get within at least 100 yards to get the shot that is required. No bison is going to simply allow you to get within those distances without some grand strategy. You will be waiting for the bison to come to you, and this requires patience, planning and timing. When you bring that all together, however, the occasion is momentous and rewarding--and the reason so many of our hunters return year after year!
 We offer two types of buffalo hunts--meat bull hunts and trophy hunts-- legendary experiences that include:
 Two days hunting, three nights lodging (including linens) in fully-equipped cabin right out on the coteau.
 Oren's sit-down breakfasts, and access to fully-equipped kitchen and grills for noon and evening meals.
 All meat, hide, head, and by-products. How much meat can you expect to take home? Click here.
 Access to on-ranch fully-equipped meat processing plant and game cleaning facilities.
 Taxidermy, processing fees and licensing NOT included in package price. Click here for more info.
  All our hunting packages include the privilege of hunting waterfowl, upland game, or coyote on the ranch (as long as it's in season) for the days covered with your package. For example, when purchasing a bison hunting package, you may hunt sharptail, waterfowl or coyote for the two days included in your hunting package. If you'd like to add an additional hunting day(s) onto your bison or deer hunting package, you may do so at a cost of $125 per gun per day.




This is a MEAT FOR THE TABLE hunt for young two-year-old bulls, approximately 900 - 1,000 pounds live weight, that have been raised and fattened withOUT growth hormones, antibiotics or anything but natural, native grasses. They will yield approximately 55 to 60 percent of their live weight, allowing you to take a generous supply of delicious, high-protein, low-fat meat!

Group Discounts
One bull $ 3100
Two bulls: $6000 ($3000 each)

Save when you bring a friend! The Bison Ranch can accommodate groups of up to five bison hunters. Discounts are for hunters arriving and departing at the same time, and each hunting a bison meat bull. Hunters in groups that include more than one hunter may book their hunts at the "for two" price. For example: a group of four hunters would each pay $2800 for a bison meat bull package.

Our TROPHY HUNTS include mature bulls only! Thus, they are powerful (upwards of 2000 lbs.), spirited (they can be downright ugly) and difficult to bring down (veterans of hunts worldwide often tell us they seldom encounter an animal so tough).

Our cold North Dakota winters result in thick, beautiful coats of hair that you won't find further south. A trophy from The Bison Ranch will give you a mount you will be proud to put on your wall!

Our trophy hunts range from $6,500 and up and are priced according to an animal's size and stature. The Bison Ranch is known as a reputable place--our customers will tell you that we are honest and fair! 


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